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The History


NAYATI is a brand name for commercial and professional kitchen. This expertise was built from nearly 35 years ago at 1981 and had achieved a worldwide reputation as Total Food-Service Solution. In 1997, Nayati expands their business view to residential kitchen with the aims to provide Professional Residential Kitchen that is reliable, sturdy rust and termites free. Classified along with its characteristic and high value, this Professional Residential Kitchen set is sold limited and exclusive on demand request (made to measure) of the owners of Hotels and Restaurants to realize their dreams by having Professional Kitchen at their homes.

After years of extensive research about cabinet modules, features, design and functionality, in 2010, Nayati had officially introduced Gourmet Master – Professional Fitted Kitchen for Your Home as premium brand.

Going through the journey of 5 years, Gourmet Master – Professional Fitted Kitchen were sold and assembled for more than 250 sets of Professional Kitchen. This is a remarkable achievement through critical acclaim and Nayati team effort which drives Gourmet Master – Professional Fitted Kitchen well known as one of high-end premium kitchen cabinetry provider with its distinctive style and design.

StylePro is Gourmet Master -Professional Fitted Kitchen Design Terminology that is obtained from understanding the integration of luxurious kitchen design with the solid performance and character of Professional Kitchen which have to be incorporated with the lifestyle needs. StylePro is designed within the combination of timeless beauty, total function and superior performance in a one fitted kitchen that suits the lifestyle needs. StylePro, the Professional Kitchen with Style.

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