Design by Gourmet Master

Nowadays kitchen has become an essential part of our lifestyle; it is not only place to cook, but also a place to prepare your day, or a place to gather with family and colleagues.

StylePro is Gourmet Master -Professional Fitted Kitchen Design Terminology that is obtained from understanding the integration of luxurious kitchen design with the solid performance and character of Professional Kitchen which have to be incorporated with the lifestyle needs.

The combination of timeless beauty, total function and superior performance in a one fitted kitchen that suits the lifestyle needs. StylePro, the Professional Kitchen with Style.


An integration of timeless beauty. Total function and superior performance that makes a distinctive in fitted kitchen. The pride of every kitchen owners, The Professional Ranges that fits perfectly by design along with an outstanding performance of practicality, efficiency, and reliability. Carefully designed to suit a modern demand for kitchen lifestyle, with gourmet master special modular design method.


1.5 mm thick 304 stainless steel, the special worktop made for special requirement, it’s hygienic, tough, high performance and professional identically. The best material for kitchen cabinet, build precisely for fitted kitchen requirement. Its save for food, rust free and sturdy.  For various decor and color we are using Solid Surface Top Table from acrylic and quartz mineral. Its safe for food, germ free, non porous, homogeneous, and easy to clean.


StylePro Modular Cabinetry can suit almost of any design requirement and It’s dynamic enough to adapt with any available kitchen space. Available in all SUS 304 stainless steel cabinet and doors, or combined with various color of solid acrylic doors, or also may combined with veneered wooden doors. StylePro Modular Cabinetry equip with performance high quality fitting from BLUM or from GRASS, depend on the preferences and requirements with vast ranges of high quality accessories from Kessebohmer, BLUM, GRASS and Hafele.

• Stainless Steel for Carcase, Top Table & Doors

Gourmet Master uses stainless 304 as mai material to build a professional kitchen set and each top of stainless surface panel is additionally orbital-polished in circular pattern giving rougher outer finish on the surface thus significantly more resistant toward scratch. A kitchen is a sensitive workplace that is unwelcoming for the untrained, especially the noise. Nayati invents a solution to reduce noise level in a kitchen. Introducing the Stabilus Door, that is pre-installed as an option in modular cooking line products. The door is made from an uni body stainless steel with solid filling inside that is designed to reduce noise created when the metal door is in contact with the cabinet.

• Parapan – Solid Acrylic for Doors

Parapan® is manufactured to the highest possible specifications which means that solid colour runs all the way through and the high gloss is on both sides. Because Parapan® is durable and moisture-resistant it is especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It is now regularly being specified for commercial applications as well as specialist furniture pieces

• Radianz® – Quartz Mineral for Top Table

Accented with array of metallic, pearlescent and even translucent particles against a modern theme base tone color, Radianz® quartz surface will deliver an uncompromising standard of brilliance to your living space. Regardless of what the setting presents itself, the profound color profile under Radianz® Quartz Noble series will emanate layers of sophistication to unify the decor theme.

• Samsung Staron – Solid Surface for Top Table

Staron solid surfaces are 100% waterproof, hygienic and durable. Staron solid surfaces are at home, at the heart of your home. Staron solid surfaces are also equally at home in the kitchen, where its waterproof qualities allow you to be care free.

Parapan® | High Gloss Solid Acrylic – The Color Ranges

Powder Coating | Doff and Durable – The Color Ranges

Staron Solid Surface | Acrylic Surfacing  – The Color Ranges

Silestone | Natural Quartz Surface – The Color Ranges

HI-MACS® | Solid Color – The Color Range